I think home-schooling is a completely new experience for everyone. It takes some time to get used to the thought of not being able to go to school and meet your friends the way we do usually and did the last 9 years of our life. Except for that, I love home-schooling. At the very beginning I felt overwhelmed by all this work our teachers sent us per email, but I recognized fast, that I’m able to do this if I just stop being lazy, that I need that for myself.

I think that pupils do now have the chance to plan their days by themselves. For me, this kind of doing schoolwork is way more relaxed. I like the fact that this is so much about creative writing. I also feel like everything is more fun, maybe even because I’m not getting compared to others. I’m just doing that for myself. I think that we can learn being more independent because we are able to organize our days ourselves, and if we did enough at the end of the day, we can be proud of ourselves because WE managed to get all that stuff done. Also we are able to do what we want, what our body needs. For example are we now able to have a break when we need it. To go out and just refresh our brain. We can just put work aside and do something different until we feel like finishing the rest.

I personally prefer communicating per email, because you have got everything in one place. That may be the case on moodle too, but I get an email every time something is being uploaded on moodle, so what’s the sense of it? 

Of course there are subjects that are easier and some that are harder to deal with but think that depends on the person itself. In case we don’t get something at all, we still have the opportunity to use the internet or ask friends and teachers for help. But what about creative subjects? I think that Art is nothing that needs to be given a task for. Some are just not that interested in Arts. I do understand why it is being taught at school, but in times of getting tasks over tasks anyway, its nothing that needs to be paid attention to. My idea is to give several ideas of different kinds of art, that we can choose one of. This way we are again able to choose by ourselves and do something that interests us. I do think that the outcoming will be even better if we do something that is fun to us. What I can relate is that we were given something to do for sports. Sports is important for health, especially for children that are being in growth. I can relate to the thought, that if there wouldn’t be a task, pupils would just be lying in bed all day and playing video games or watching Netflix. 

Also I love being able to spend more time with my family and help my parents with the household. Another point why I like being able to learn by myself and organize my days: I can start and stop when I want, what means that I’m not coming home from school just to eat and sit down on my desk to continue learning and studying. I have so much more time now to do things that I like and that makes me happy. In general, my mood is so much better.

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