For me, for us, homeschooling is a completely new situation of learning. I really like to plan my week by myself and in my way it worked well. It's cool to organize my day structure like I want to only with tasks and deadlines to send them back. The technology didn't work the way I wanted to. It was very frustrating to have many problems with documents, E-Mails and so on. I don't like Moodle that much, because for me it's more work to work with it than to work without it. In my freetime I take care of my Riding Participation, I do sports and I write texts. When I want to go jogging in the morning, I can do it because there is no determined time to go to school.

Bilingual history is a difficult subject for me. It's a bit harder to continue learning in this subject at home, but it's fine. I'm a little worried that tests have been postponed for now.

I really have to say that in this moment there is no bigger wish than this one: I hope that I can go to school after the holidays!

It might sound strange but I have to say that I miss some teachers. I miss the persons who are normally standing in front of me, who are talking to me. The persons that give me the feeling of having the opportunity to talk to them whether about school or maybe something else.

The school of air ~ working together – alone

The idea to build a school of air was created in 1944. Their goal was to give children, which lived far away from school, the chance to communicate with their teachers. In 1951 the first school of air had been founded in Alice Springs. The teacher sent a podcast and the students could here it. But there was one problem! They couldn't ask anything. Later there came the solution. The two-way-radio was created, so they could ask questions and get responses from their teachers. The school of air isn't a 'normal school' but they also have school captains and school magazines. Today the students use the internet and they learn much about the technology. Things like homework have been shared about a video chat. To give also children (for example from farms) the chance to get educated too, they have a governess or parents, who help them. Teachers also can have children who live about 500 kilometres away from him/her in his/her class. They have a lot of contact with the kids and their families.

The children like the school of air!

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