I think that if you’re getting homeschooled you have to be organized and disciplined. At first many students love the idea of doing their stuff at home but then they realize that it takes a lot of effort. It isn’t as easy as it seems because the temptation to get back into bed is always there. Sitting in your room and doing all of the work alone, without any friends is really boring.

Right now it is even harder since you aren’t allowed to go anywhere except for a walk. It is very frustrating to look at your busy schedule but once you’ve started it isn’t as bad as you think. One advantage is that you can do your homework when- and wherever you want. You can start with the things you’re good at and take breaks when you need them. I personally don’t think that some subjects are easier to deal with at home since the content doesn’t change.

The challenge for us is to really do our homework alone and being able to study at home.

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